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VIVRE: The Lifestyle

VIVRE is the pure enjoyment of living. Imagine the carefree, yet put together individual. The individual who walks into a room and knows they command it. The individual who looks like they walked out of a magazine even when they're out on a simple coffee run. The individual who even when they don't look their best, they feel it. The individual who dares to always be different. And most importantly, the individual who makes the most out of life regardless of the circumstances. Is that you? Well then you might just be a VIVRE girl (or boy) and even if you feel that isn't you, we are here to remind you that it is.

Beauty should be effortless and makeup is simply an accessory to unlock the beauty that has always been within you. Life is too short to worry about not feeling confident in your beauty and our team here at VIVRE Cosmetics is here to help you realize that. 

Our intent is to always deliver the highest quality products that are made cruelty-free and without harmful ingredients that no one should be putting on their skin. We work our hardest to meticulously test each product before it is released so that you can always look and feel your best. Let us focus on what goes on your skin so that you can focus on the bigger things in life - like getting that promotion, landing that big gig, or taking a much needed vacation, and lastly, looking damn good while you're doing ALL of them. 

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and give VIVRE a try. We can't wait to hear all about it. 

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